Speak4it on the iPhone Multimodal voice and sketch search

Speak4it Says Farewell

For nearly six years, Speak4it's users have been pointing and speaking to find what they want. So it is with sadness that the research team behind Speak4it is shutting it down. We thank all of you for using our app.

What's new in Speak4it 3 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Features added in earlier versions

Advanced technology in Speak4it

Multimodal input integration
What is that?? Ever notice how people in the real world can point to stuff and talk about it and other people generally get what they’re talking about? That’s the idea here. You can point to a spot on the map and ask what’s there. (OK, so you actually have to touch the map; not just point to it…. Semantics!) Anyhow, press the orange button, put your finger someplace on the map, and say, “coffee shops around here.” Try it!
Command recognition
Speak4it always knew how to find what you wanted. Now you can give it commands like "call" or "driving directions" to tell it what to do. And if you want to see a map of someplace, just say its name, and Speak4it will take you there.
Toponymic homonym disambiguation
Huh? Some places have similar names, or even the same name, because people in the old days needed to spend more time building cities and towns than thinking up new names for them. Now when you want to search around one of those, you get to tell us which place you mean.
Salient location disambiguation
Aw, you’re killing me. OK, never mind. You’ll find out soon enough.