Speak4it on the iPhone
Searching for businesses is easy: Press the orange button and say what you’re looking for. Asking for "coffee shops" or for a particular business name will get you the ones nearby. Or if you want to search somewhere else, ask for that as well, like "hotels in San Francisco".
The businesses you searched for will display on a map. Tap the business once for quick info, tap twice for complete business details.
Are results coming up in the wrong part of town? You can tap on the map while you’re speaking to focus the search at that point.
Looking for businesses in a certain area? You can circle the area on the map while you're speaking.
Looking for businesses along a certain road? Trace the route with your finger while you’re speaking.
To see a list of businesses, tap the Eye icon in the lower right. It will show all the businesses and their distance from you.
From the details screen, you can tap the phone number to call the business. Tap the address, and you get directions, add it to your contacts, or copy it to the clipboard. If you have AT&T Navigator, you can even get turn-by-turn directions.
If Speak4it made a mistake, tap the the History button in the upper left. You can pick one of your previous searches or try an alternate result.
And if you want to see what’s in a particular direction, hold up the iPhone 4 or 3GS, press the Eye button, and choose Radar view. It will show an augmented reality screen to help you find those businesses in the real world.