Speak4it Says Farewell

For nearly six years, Speak4it's users have been pointing and speaking to find what they want. So it is with sadness that the research team behind Speak4it is shutting it down. We thank all of you for using our app.

Why type on that little keyboard, when you don't have to?

Speak4it is the original multimodal voice-driven local search app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Just press the "Speak/Draw" button and say what you'd like to find. You can even point to a spot on the map and ask what's there. Speak4it also understands follow-up questions or corrections to queries you already made.

Speak4it on the iPhone Multimodal voice and sketch search

Speak4it knows about most of the businesses in the United States. (Sorry, rest of the world!) It knows where they are, and what they are near. You can even search around national and local landmarks.

Here are some things you might try saying:

  • “Coffee shops”
  • Point to a spot on the map and say “Thai food around here”
  • “Bicycle repair shops near the Golden Gate Bridge.”
  • “Korean barbecue near the Empire State Building”
  • “Hotels near Disneyland”; followed by, “How about restaurants?”
  • “Steakhouses in Lincoln, Nebraska”; followed by, “I meant Omaha.”
  • “Is there a McDonald's near here?”; followed by, “What about Burger King?”

When you find the places you're looking for, you can:

  • Find businesses on a map or browse through a list
  • Ask follow-up queries if you make a mistake or change your mind, like, “Chinese food in Santa Monica”; followed by: “What about Korean?”
  • Call with one tap or by saying “Call this place”
  • Read a description of the business and visit its website
  • Tap on the address of any business, or say “Directions to here”, to get directions to that place
  • Find a place you like? Save it to your contacts, or e-mail it straight to a friend
  • Go to the History screen to revisit old searches or try again
  • If you have AT&T Navigator installed, Speak4it can give turn-by-turn directions
Learn more about Speak4it's features and find out what's new in Speak4it 3.